Since 1932, the Vaser Valley Railway, known locally as the “Mocanita” has been in almost constant use. Trains run into the valley six days a week to transport wood down to a processing plant in Viseu de Sus.
The Mocanita is therefore the only European railway that is still used for timber production. Today, regular steam trains for tourists and rail enthusiasts operate from spring to autumn.

Since 2000, regular steam trains for tourists have been running in the Vaser Valley. The trains operate from spring to autumn.

Steam trains run as far as Paltin station, approximately two hours from Viseu de Sus. In Paltin there is a stop of 1-2 hours before the trains return to Viseu de Sus. For train passengers a catering service is available at Paltin. It is also possible to take a short walk into the Carpathian forest, to visit an observation platform from where visitors can get a view over the Vaser Valley.

For details and schedules, please refer to the current timetable