The Heroes Monument Moisei was carved in the memory of 1944 massacre’s victims of Moisei. A veritable Stonehenge on a smaller scale, was inspired from old popular believes and incorporates deep symbols that are not obvious at the first sight. For instance, the number of the steps, 44, symbolises the year of the massacre. Two of the twelve stone figures have human faces and commemorate the flesh and blood heroes who lost their lives defending their lands. On the other hand, the rest of the stone figures are dedicated to all the ancient spirits which protected the Romanian lands throughout the course of history.

Location: Heroes Monument Moisei is located at the exit of the Moisei, in the Borsa (Maramures) direction on the right side. DN18, 437 195 Moisei, Romania

Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday open from 9.00 am – 16.00 pm / Monday: closed.

Fee: No fee for visitors

Contact: 0743962643


In 23 August 1944, Romania switched sides to the Allies and the Roman troops began the fight to regain Northern Transylvania.

Most of martyrs from Moisei were part of the military units in forced labor in Maramures Mountains. In approaching Allied military forces and weathering front, those incorporated into the forced labor left their homes crossing the front line.

Some managed. Others didn’t. Some of those captured by Hungarian gendarmes were imprisoned in a makeshift camp in Viseu de Sus, kept several days in miserable conditions without food. On the day of October 14, 1944, Hungarian troops in retreat Iza Valley, climbed prisoners from the camp in Viseu de Sus in a truck and took them to the outskirts of the commune Moisei in two wooden houses. They were forced into homes in the suburbs and were shot by the Hungarians through doors and windows. Then, retreating Hungarian army set fire to the town of Moisei. Two weeks after the massacre committed when evacuated authorities  have returned to the village, the bodies of those killed were buried in a common grave, above which an obelisk was ceated from stone. 31 victims were identified, among them two survivors. The victims were originating from Mures, Cluj and Maramures counties.

In remembrance of the victims, the two houses were transfomerd in memorial houses, and was build a high and the sculptural stone ensemble. The Heroes Monument Moisei  consists of 12 stone figures, 2 figures represent human faces and 10 figures represent Maramures traditional masks. The ensemble was created by the sculptor, Gheza Vida.

The Names of the martyrs: John Andreica, Simion Sabau Ioan Sabau, Simion Pop, Vasile V. Curticapeanu Vasile Blaga T.Curticapeanu Toader, Peter Bejan Mihai Baciu, Lazar Buja, Augustin Ghibutiu, Simion Gorea, Grad Beloaiei Gheorghe Vasile Hosu and Jacob Pele Poni Basil, Basil judgments, Vasile Oltean, John Osorhean, Nicholas SACU, Ioan Pop, Savina Vasile Mihai M.Radu Michael R.Radu Stephen Pele Alexander Raica, John Strete, Gheorghe Stefan and Stefan Tomoioaga.

The 44 steps leading to Heroes Monument Moisei symbolizes the year when Romanians were killed.